Friday, June 20, 2008


Hi Everyone,
I see there's alot of new companies trying to put out a MRI Registry study package. BEWARE! They are simply copying generic information from the same books you probably already own. They are also charging you alot of MONEY$$$ and giving you a false promise that you will pass the ARRT MR registry with there MRI study package. WRONG!
They also say they have test questions just like or the same as on the ARRT MR test.
WRONG! There is no way to obtain the exact or even similar test questions. The ARRT is very strict in keeping this a guarded secret. So don't fall into there trap and get ripped off.
I have personally taken the ARRT MR registry and passed! I used over 3 -4 different sources to study from. All where very hard to comprehend and I realized only after taking the MR test, that they didn't' cover alot of areas that where on the test. That's why I was able to quickly write down from my memory alot of the areas I was tested on and put into my book* MRI REVIEW
Questions&ANSWERS which can be purchased at WWW.MRIREVIEWSTORE.COM
* I have sold thousand's of copies and is a Best Seller on AMAZON BOOKS .

*The book covers a wide range of mri information from mri protocols, pt safety, anatomy.
* It's very easy to understand & comprehend, not like alot of books out there which leave you more confused.
*I also have an MRI REGISTRY REVIEW CD which is excellent for quickly reviewing all the material and let's you test yourself to see how your doing. Go to : WWW.MRIREVIEWSTORE.COM
Tell your friends about us, after you pass the Registry!
Best of Luck!
Nick President of E-MED CORP.

Nick President of E-MED CORP.

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Alena Mauer said...

What is a mri review? Is that when they go over the scan results? I don't know much about it, but I see it all over the internet quite a bit. Would be nice to know more.
Alena |